Worm and Fluke Control

Albacert_packshot 10ltr


Worm and Fluke Control

Albacert 2.5% SC oral drench available from Downland distributors.

For cattle and sheep, the broad spectrum, multi-purpose anthelmintic for the control of mature and developing immature forms of gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, tapeworms and adult liver fluke.  Albacert is also ovicidal against fluke and roundworm eggs.

Albacert also contains selenium and cobalt as a nutritional supplement.

Albacert is available in 2.5ltr and 10Ltr pack sizes.

For further information on Albacert please contact your local Downland distributor, or the Downland Team on 01228 564498 or email bestadvice@downland.co.uk

27th February 2014

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