What is Pro-Zest?

Pro-Zest is a nutritional package, developed over an 18 month period to provide farmers with peace-of-mind in the high quality of the colostrum supplements they use.

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What is the nutritional package that makes up  Pro-Zest?

  1. High colostrum protein, lower non colostrum protein – In the short period of time before gut closure as much colostrum protein must be absorbed as possible, maximising Actual Efficiency of Absorption (AEA) and natural immune support. Other proteins, such as Whey Protein concentrates found significantly in colostrum supplements have a dilution affect, potentially limiting the AEA by competing with colostrum before the gut closes. Pro-Zest contains high ratios of natural colostrum, used in preference to other whey protein fillers. High ratios of colostrum proteins helps increase probability of absorption from the gut, the presence of other proteins can have diluting affect and therefore risk efficacy.


  1. Enriched with digestible fats from coconut oil – Coconut oil is a readily available healthy fat source, providing energy while feeding the gut itself. A healthier gut means better digestion and absorption of nutrients to fuel growth and development of a thrifty lamb.


  1. More soluble ingredients – Less complex proteins and simple fats help achieve easier mixing to save time and get the product into the animal quicker. Soluble ingredients are by nature absorbed more effectively to a healthy growing lamb/calf in the first hours of life.

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  1. Freeze Dried colostrum source – Pro-Zest contains a high level of colostrum from freeze dried natural sources. A less aggressive drying process to spray dried, freeze drying means the proteins in the product have potentially not been damaged during processing, keeping them intact means they better support health lamb and calf development. Freeze drying helps ensure the nutrients stay intact. Reflecting the prominent practice on farm of freezing natural colostrum. Alternative supplements can use spray dried sources which are processed using more direct heating methods.


  1. Nustart/Proviox/OTM – Micro-nutrients including natural antioxidants and gut friendly prebiotics, helping support gut function and natural immune development to help optimise development of healthy digestive & immune systems, supporting overall health from within.


Why Choose Pro-Zest?

  • High quality ingredients
  • High natural colostrum content – evidenced in every batch by quality scanning.
  • Effective mixing for fast application.
  • Development supported by leading voices in calf and colostrum management.
  • Ingredient inclusions balanced to help ensure easy mixing to allow quick application.
    – As with human neonatal care, health and convenience are shared principles with the care of new born lambs & calves these are extended to Downland Fresh Start and Lamb Force ranges of colostrum powders. The dispersibility of colostrum powders manufactured to Pro Zest is assessed using methods taken directly from expertise in the manufacture of ingredients for human baby milk.

Why was Pro-Zest developed?

The choice of supplement in the UK market is vast, and experience suggests that the content of natural colostrum, efficiency, energy and total protein varies markedly by product. As does the reliability of content verbally claimed within the product. Combine practical principles such as product mixing for ease of feeding, and the need for consideration of all of these parameters to achieve a high quality, reliable product is clear.

“Pro-Zest signifies a balanced fusion of essential colostrum protein from easily digestible sources, helping provide lambs and calves the Zest for life in one easy mix formula”

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12th January 2017

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