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What is a RAMA?


AMTRA stands for Animal Medicines Training Regulatory Authority, they train and regulate the correct prescription of animal medicines. AMTRA qualified people, are known as RAMAs (Registered Animal Medicines Advisor). This is traditionally known as being an SQP, but a legal name change to RAMA should be completed by 2023.


But does a RAMA actually do?

Each RAMA must follow Regulations and a Code of Practice which is in place for the welfare of the animals that the medicine is being prescribe for. This is why all Downland retailers have a RAMA on hand every time you call or visit.

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At Downland we support RAMA’s to give the Best Advice. This advice is very important on a multitude of levels. There has been growing cases of herds getting ill or becoming immune to medicines due to incorrect treatment  being given (either too much or too little). By listening to your RAMA the cost implications, long and short in this situation, can be cut dramatically. If in doubt, always ask your RAMA.


Saving money and time

Thinking of the bigger picture, by working with your local Downland RAMA you can help prevent diseases from occurring. Taking control of the situation and preventing it, instead of fire fighting the symptoms. This could ultimately save you money through; not as many vet visits or dealing with livestock deaths.


Downland RAMA’s are in a constant state of learning. Like the British weather, things can change rapidly, and new advice needs to be learnt and given to farmers to help prevent situations from getting worse.

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Think of your local Downland RAMA as your trustworthy community Pharmacist.

Yes, they want to sell you a product, but they want to see you use the CORRECT product for the exact problem. This requires information from the farmer. Specific weights, environmental conditions, past histories all can have a bearing on the RAMA being able to prescribe the correct medicine.


Think of it as a partnership and together, you can improve the productivity and health of your livestock and ultimately get a better return on your efforts for your farm.

Together, we can achieve more.

Find your nearest Downland RAMA here.

10th February 2022

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