Trace elements are vital for the mating period

Making sure that both the ewe and tup’s trace element status is correct before tupping is key to reducing the number of barren ewes along with increasing lambing percentage.

Key trace elements:
• Iodine – Growth and formation of the thyroid gland, a low Iodine status could result in dead or weak lambs at birth.

• Cobalt – Production of Vit B12 – important for thrive and fertility.

• Selenium – Sperm tail formation in rams, crucial for ram fertility. Low selenium levels in either the ewe or tup can result in impaired reproduction. Adequate selenium status throughout pregnancy is important for prevention of white muscle disease in lambs at birth.

Peaks and troughs in an animals trace element status can impair fertility. Best practice is to ensure animals are supplemented as required to ensure levels of key trace elements are stable throughout the year.

DL Essential Sheep

The Downland Essential Sheep range has been developed to given to adult ewes pre-tupping or pre-scanning. It helps improve fertility resulting in higher conception rates and lambing percentages. Lambs have greater thrift too.

DL Essential Sheep +

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9th September 2016