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Supplement grazing to maximise performance with FA SHEEP

Making the most of low-cost summer grass continues to be an absolute priority for sheep and cattle producers as we head into early summer and this year in particular as grass is a little slow to get going due to cold, dry weather.

Grass growth in the UK typically peaks in yield and quality towards the end of May, early June, after which point the crop’s nutritional value naturally drops as dry matter and fibre content increases and with this digestibility and consequently animal performance declines.

Furthermore, there can be significant difference between the mineral content of pastures during the grazing season with potential mineral deficiencies slowing down the production benefits that may be achieved at this time.

Minerals, vitamins and trace elements, although only required in very small quantities have an extremely important role in sheep and cattle nutrition, nothing in the body happens without trace elements.

If mineral nutrition is overlooked, the likely result is depressed animal performance which diminishes the overall profitability of your stock.

The most important trace elements for sheep and cattle in the UK are copper, selenium, cobalt and iodine with deficiencies impairing animal productivity, fertility and health. Cobalt in particular is an important trace element; it is an essential component of vitamin B12 which is involved in energy metabolism and therefore a regular supply is required.

Cobalt deficiency in lambs results in ill thrift and poor appetite whilst in ewes it can be associated with poor reproductive performance, reduced immunity and lamb viability at birth.


Supplement grazing to maximise performance


FA SHEEP is a free-access (FA) powdered mineral specially formulated to provide sheep essential minerals which are often deficient in summer grazing.

FA Sheep contains a high specification of minerals, vitamins and trace elements, including good levels of cobalt, iodine, selenium and zinc. It also contains 4% magnesium making it suitable for ewes post-lambing that may be at low risk of magnesium deficiency.

A high level of phosphorus will also support fertility as ewes begin to prepare for tupping over the summer.


Maximise stock performance with FA SHEEP


  • Flavoured, palatable free-access powdered mineral supplement suitable for offering free-access or top dressed.
  • Contains a full specification of minerals, vitamins and trace elements to support animals at grass or on high forage diets.
  • Available in 25kg bags.
  • Intakes up to 30 g/h/d for sheep.

4th June 2021

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