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Spring Worm Control for Improved Performance

Persistent Worm Control* for up to 6 weeks.


ZERMEX® 0.5% w/v Pour-On for Cattle offers a unique combination:

The longest dosing interval with a 14 day withhold period = Reduced handling and potential for higher daily live weight gain.


Gut worms reduce:
• Weight gain and growth rate by up to 30% 1
• Carcass quality
• Milk production – infestations can cause a 1kg per day drop in daily milk yield 1

All grazing cattle are exposed to gut worms and consequently can suffer production losses; younger cattle are most at risk of disease until they acquire immunity.

There are many products available to help with the control of parasites; getting the most from their active ingredients is key in ensuring ideal livestock performance and reducing risk of resistance. When choosing products for your livestock farm’s needs it is important to make an informed choice. Incorporating a rotating regimen of active ingredients in your health plan will help to minimise the risk of anthelmintic resistance. This should be discussed with your animal health adviser.

*Ostertagia ostertagi for 5 weeks and Dictyocaulus viviparus for 6 weeks after a single dose, giving an 8-10 week dosing interval.

1 Control of Worms Sustainably (COWS)

All Zermex brands contain moxidectin, POM-VPS. For further information see the SPC, farmers should contact their animal medicines supplier SQP, veterinary surgeon or Downland Marketing Ltd, 15 Victoria Place, Carlisle, CA1 1EW. Use medicines responsibly: AH109/18

30th April 2019

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