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Sheep Natural Energy: The Natural Choice for Late Pregnancy Nutrition

During the final six to eight weeks of pregnancy the foetus develops rapidly and increases in size by approximately 70%, at the same time colostrum production in the udder also takes place. These changes demand significant increases in energy and protein, but they coincide with a period when the ewe has a lower appetite of up to 30% due to increased pressure on the digestive tract. Therefore, a high-quality energy dense diet is required to support the developing metabolic processes.

Typically, the main source of nutrients will be from silage and (or) grazing so it is important to analyse the forage being fed well in advance to allow careful planning of nutrients at this critical time. Common findings from forage analysis is that forage is low in energy and digestible undegradable protein (DUP), two essential nutrients required for a successful transition through the lambing period.

SHEEP NATURAL ENERGY is a specially formulated feed bucket designed to be fed throughout all stages of pregnancy and to support ewe health and performance, especially at lambing time. The unique formulation contains Omega 3 fish oils to support lamb vigour, readily available sugars and protected fats to support the increasing demand for energy during the final trimester of pregnancy. In addition, high quality proteins are included to provide a source of DUP to support colostrum production and foetal development. SHEEP NATURAL ENERGY also contains a full specification of vitamins and minerals, including protected zinc and selenised yeast to support immune function during the pre-lambing period.

Supporting pre-lambing success with SHEEP NATURAL ENERGY:

  • Multiple energy (13.5 ME) sources to meet the increasing energy requirements in late pregnancy.
  • Only contains quality proteins (16.5% CP), which support colostrum production and foetal development.
  • Full inclusion of vitamins, macro and trace elements including protected zinc and selenium, to correct deficiencies and to support immune function.
  • Easy to use, convenient method of supplementation for ewes in late pregnancy.

15th February 2021

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