Sheep Natural Energy – Feed to all Breeding Ewes Pre and Post Lambing.

SHEEP NATURAL ENERGY is a unique and specially formulated feed supplement to be fed to ewes to boost energy and protein supply during the critical tupping to lambing period.

Feed throughout pregnancy to maintain good ewe health and condition to ensure both ewe and lamb are in peak health as lambing approaches. The high energy dense
formulation will help meet the ewes considerable demand for energy pre-post
lambing, and will assist in combating twin lamb disease.

Downland_Sheep Natural Energy

Its unique formulation includes multiple sources of energy, including rumen by pass vegetable oil and sugar from molasses to give her an energy boost when she needs it most. Quality protein sources are used to meet the demands of the growing lamb and ensure ewes have adequate quality colostrum and milk supply at lambing. Omega 3 fatty acids from sh oil is added to support fertility in tups and ewes and strong viable lambs. Packed with minerals, trace elements and vitamins, including ultra high vitamin E, Sheep Natural Energy will assist in optimising the immune status to help protect against infections and disease thus minimising the potential risk of lamb and ewe losses.
Sheep Natural Energy can also be fed to growing lambs on roots and forage to
help meet target growth rates.

  • Energy dense (13.5MJ) lick from multiple sources including rumen bypass vegetable oil
  • Quality protein sources, including Hi Pro Soya, to support colostrum and milk supply
  • Ultra high vitamin E (500iu) & selenium (15mg), including Sel-Plex, to optimise immune function to help protect against disease and ease lambing process
  • High zinc (2500mg) level ( including chelated source) to support health feet and teats
  • Added Omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil , to optimise fertility and thrifty lambs

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14th October 2016