Reduce Problems at Housing with Downland Breathe Rite

Breathe Rite – The Natural Decongestant.

Breathe Rite buckets are ideal for cattle at risk from respiratory problems caused by still, damp and cooler weather or from housing.


The buckets provide an easy solution to the transition phase that stock experience between grazing and winter housing quarters and a major change in nutrition, which may compromise their immunity.

The stress of a different environment can be a trigger factor for various problems. In addition, Breathe Rite provide essential minerals and vitamins needed to balance winter rations based on conserved forages.

Breathe Rite contains a unique blend of essential oils and plant extracts to help maintain a healthy respiratory system.

Benefits of Breathe Rite:
  • Use before housing and throughout risk periods
  • Contains specially selected essential oils and plant extracts
  • Selenium, including the selenium yeast form, along with very high vitamin E, is included to help optimise immunity
  • Feed formulation to give a nutritional boost to young calves, containing quality proteins only

How to feed: Feed during periods of mild and damp weather and when stock come indoors


Calves: 50-75g/day
(1 bucket per 15 head/month)

Young stock: 100-150g/day
(1 bucket per 7 head/month)

Also available in 10kg pails for use in calf pens.

16th November 2016

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