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Optimise Cattle Health and Fertility this Housing

Profitability of a suckler production system is dependent on every cow producing a good quality calf, as economically as possible, during a compact calving period every 365 days. Traditionally, the suckler cow will utilise low quality forages on marginal grassland, which likely will not provide enough nutrients to help achieve these targets. At housing, the mainstay of most suckler herds will be grass silage.

Although an excellent source of energy and protein, grass silage similarly may not contain the full balance of minerals, vitamins and trace elements required by these animals to achieve optimal production performance. Good nutrition, ensuring adequate levels of minerals, vitamins and trace elements, therefore plays a pivotal role in achieving, as well as improving health, fertility, calf output and production costs.

Although only needed in small amounts, minerals, vitamins and trace elements are essential for production of not just milk and muscle tissue, but also for normal growth, reproduction, and feed conversion efficiency in livestock. It is therefore important to offer
your suckler cows some form of mineral supplementation to complement forage at housing and throughout the autumn/winter months. Downland understands
this and offer the perfect mineral supplement for this time. FA Cattle Performance
Plus is a high specification, powdered mineral formulated to counteract any potential deficiencies in your forage and thus help support production performance. Suitable for
top dressing or offering free-access alongside forage diets, FA Cattle Performance
Plus supplies cows with an optimal balance of minerals, vitamins and trace elements, including good levels of zinc to help support udder and foot health. This mineral also contains multiple sources of copper, including a protected form, to help support fertility and prevent potential secondary copper deficiency caused by antagonists commonly
found in forage, such as molybdenum.

FA Cattle Performance Plus

Quality Mineral Special

  • A flavoured, palatable, powdered mineral supplement suitable for feeding free-access or top dressed to all cows
  • Good levels of all trace elements, including zinc, selenium and cobalt to help support cow health and production
  • Contains multiple copper sources to help prevent copper ‘lock-up’, as well as to aid fertility and overall health
  • Available in 25kg bags
  • Suggested feed rate up to 150 g/h/d



21st September 2020

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