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Zermex 10% LA Injection for Cattle – Gain All Season Long  


Protect your cattle throughout the grazing season 

  • The most cost-efficient way to grow animals is from grass during the grazing season and not attempt to catch up over winter when feed costs are higher. 
  • It is vital to ensure that neither worms nor flies impact growth rate during the grazing season. Worms reduce weight gain, carcass quality and milk production. 
  • The key to ensuring that parasites are controlled is to make correct decisions on the type and timing of treatment. There are two strategic options for controlling worms in cattle, one is season long control and the other is multiple pour-on treatments throughout the grazing season. 
  • If choosing to use multiple pour-on treatments, then it is important to ensure compliance with the dosing protocol to prevent a reduction in growth rates. 



Zermex®10% Long Acting Injection for Cattle – helps to provide season long protection from worms in a single injection and the opportunity for immunity development during treatment.  


Reduce pasture contamination to improve grazing productivity. 

 Weight related dose rate; representing a cost-efficient option for younger stock. 

 A single treatment there is no risk of missed doses in the summer when the farming calendar intervenes. 


Zermex® 10% LA for Cattle helps to maximise the growth potential at grass through providing season long cover, therefore lowering labour costs, ensuring availability for other seasonal tasks and eliminating the growth loss associated with multiple treatment strategies.  

If, during the grazing season, you are concerned that Zermex® 10% LA for cattle hasn’t provided the expected level of worm control, in collaboration with your vet, Downland guarantees 2 to:  

  • Conduct a thorough investigation of the worm control status of the treated cattle  
  • Pay the costs of associated laboratory tests  
  • Prepare a worm control health plan tailored to your farm  

All treatment options should be discussed with your animal health adviser. 

1 150 days persistency against Oesophagostomum radiatum 

2 Guarantee conditions apply. Full conditions are available from Downland Marketing Ltd

3 Control of Worms Sustainably (COWS)

Zermex® 100 mg/ml LA Solution for Injection for Cattle contains moxidectin, POM-VPS. May be prescribed by any Registered Qualified Person (RQP – a veterinarian, a pharmacist or an appropriately qualified SQP). For further information see the SPC, farmers should contact their animal medicines supplier SQP, veterinary surgeon or Downland Marketing Ltd, Warwick Mill, Warwick Bridge, Carlisle CA4 8RR.  

Use medicines responsibly: MM-12451