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Flies cause major economic production losses. They attack, irritate and feed on sheep; reducing feed intake, productivity and damaging fleeces.
Their life cycles are completed very quickly, giving rise to very rapid population expansions, highlighting the need to apply fly control medicines early in the season.


In summer, blowfly are often the most economically important external parasite, do not underestimate the effects of nuisance and biting flies, including midges with the recent spread of Schmallenberg virus.

Studies have shown that fly worry has caused weight loss of up to 5.5kg over four to six days and it took up to 36 days to regain their original bodyweight.2
Wool production has also been shown to be reduced by blowfly strike by up to 26%, and this is thought to be stress-related.2

Lice: Reduce weight gain and decrease in wool value

Ticks: Spread diseases that have dramatic effects on livestock. Louping ill, tick bourne fever and tick pyaemia are all transmitted by ticks and cause significant production losses. Lyme disease is also transmitted by ticks and can cause severe disease in humans, dogs and horses.

Fly Emergence
Different fly species appear at different times of the year meaning that flies are a constant threat. Treat early and regularly throughout the grazing season.

ZERMASECT® Sheep Pour-On

  • Long lasting fly and tick control for sheep
  • Up to 8-10 weeks prevention of blowfly strike
  • Treats existing blowfly cases
  • Long lasting tick control 8-12 weeks
  • Treats lice

Zermasect® Sheep Pour-on solution 12.5g/litre contain alphacypermethrin POM-VPS. For further information see the SPC, farmers should contact their animal medicines supplier SQP, veterinary surgeon or Downland Marketing Ltd, Warwick Mill Business Centre, Warwick Bridge, Carlisle. Use medicines responsibly: AH255/18
1. Jonsson et al (1999). Med. Vet. Entomology 13, p372-376.
2. Australian sheep animal welfare senate meeting 1985.


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