Product of the Month

Opti-Lix High Energy

Winter Feeding to Support Lambing Success

Whilst tupping time is widely seen as the start of the sheep production cycle in providing the foundation for a profitable lamb crop, once pregnancy is established attention to detail and nutritional input cannot be dismissed.

Despite the majority of foetal growth occurring in the 6-weeks pre-lambing, foetal membranes, including the placenta, develop during mid-pregnancy. Inadequate nutrition at this time and/or failure to support body condition gain in thinner ewes cannot be compensated for later on in pregnancy and can result in smaller and weaker lambs being born. These lambs will have higher feed requirements to achieve target weights and at worst higher mortality which all negatively impact farm profitability.

Opti-Lix High Energy is ideal for supporting in-lamb ewes throughout mid-pregnancy. This low moisture lick allows excellent intake control whilst the extra high sugar content supports rumen microbial growth for optimal forage utilisation and dry matter intakes. Opti-Lix High Energy is also packed with minerals, vitamins and trace elements to help offset any potential deficiencies in grazing which is necessary to support flock health throughout pregnancy.


  • Low moisture lick for excellent intake control.
  • High energy (16MJ ME/kg DM) to help support ewe body condition with high sugar content to help support forage digestibility.
  • Complete range of minerals, vitamins and trace elements including selenium, cobalt, iodine and protected zinc to help balance potential deficiencies in grazed grass and winter forages.
  • Offer from 2 weeks pre-tupping for 8 weeks and throughout pregnancy when forage quality is poor and/or ewes require extra energy and from 6-weeks pre-lambing.
  • Available in 20kg buckets and 80kg tubs.