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May Product of the Month Optigain

Product of the Month

Optigain Lamb and Optigain Lamb + Copper is this May’s product of the month!

Product of the Month May Optigain

OPTIGAIN is a specially formulated liquid supplement. As we all know, the start of a lambs life is crucial for maximised outputs in it’s lifetime. Maternal colostrum usually starts to wain after 4-6 weeks, depending on its quality. That natural defence from the lamb’s mother is a great start. But threats don’t stop there, and this is where OPTIGAIN comes in.

OPTIGAIN can assist with the improvements in:

  • Bloom
  • Flushing
  • Performance
  • Production
  • Fertility
  • Meat Quality
  • Reducing incidence of disease challenge.
  • Use at weaning to manage stress and reduce growth checks.


OPTIGAIN LAMB helps the maintain health, vigour, performance, and balance pasture deficiencies. It is suitable for feeding lambs as young as 6 weeks. If you choose LAMB + COPPER please remember that a content of copper higher than 10mg per kg of the total daily ration can be seriously detrimental for the health of the lamb. Please make sure you read the instructions, follow the dosing advise and administer only to animals with a fully functioning rumen.

If in doubt our Downland’s RAMA are on hand for practical advise to make sure you get the best results from our products.

The OPTIGAIN range can help your ewe and lamb throughout their life cycle. Click here to take a look at the whole range from OPTIGAIN.

Optigain Range

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