Lamb Force Ewe Milk Replacer

Ewe Milk Replacer made with ewe’s milk.

Lamb Force is sourced from ewe’s milk. The ewe’s milk is carefully dried to maximise the digestibility of the protein for optimum growth and to protect the antibodies in the milk to aid development and health. Lambs prefer it as it is just like mother’s milk.

Easy to mix, simple to feed.
Distinctive flavouring to ensure high palatability and maximise feed intake in young lambs.
High in available energy for the lamb through a balanced blend of emulsified fats and oils, including coconut and soya to maximise digestability.
Antioxidants to promote health and immune function.
Fortified with trace elements and vitamins to meet the requirements of rapidly developing young lambs.
Includes yeast which acts as a pathogen binder in the gut and supports digestive functions and health.
Can be fed warm or cold through bottles, tubs or machine adlib feeders.

Lamb Force includes Pro-Zest® helping provide lambs with the zest for life.

What is Pro-Zest®?
Pro-Zest® is a unique blend of natural ingredients including gut enhancing prebiotics and essential oils that support the growth and development of lambs. Improving performance in early life and feed efficiency to maximise growth. Pro-Zest® also includes natural polyphenols with antioxidant properties to counteract the damaging effects of oxidative stress and improve immunity.

Also Available in Free Flow.

Size: 5kg/10kg/10kg bag/20kg