Lamb Force Premium Colostrum

A complementary water soluble colostrum feedingstuff for newborn lambs designed to complement or replace maternal colostrum when in short supply.

Day one nutition with essential protein and energy.
Easy mixing ingredients from digestible sources.
Designed to support establishment of a healthy immune system.
Colostrum source certified EBL, IBR and Johne’s Free.

Size: 250g/500g/1kg/2kg/5kg


The Awre family farm 800 lowland ewes mostly Texel’s in Gloucestershire. This year scanned at 180% including the hoggs. For the past few years they have used Downland’s Lamb Force Premium Powder Colostrum before feeding Downland Lamb Force ewe milk replacer, both supplied by Taylor Farm Supplies, Tewkesbury.

“Since feeding the Downland Lamb Force colostrum we have never looked back. The lambs get off to a better start.”



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