All Seasons Hexodip

Chlorhexidine teat dip 12%. VMD authorised teat dip. High emollient Chlorhexidine based R.T.U. teat dip and spray.

• Medicines Act approved chlorhexidine formulation.
• Effective aid in the control of mastitis.
• Ready to use as a teat dip or teat spray.
• Non-toxic, odourless & non-staining.
• It also contains, at 12%, a very high level of Glycerine and Sorbitol as emollients, to ensure excellent teat condition under all conditions.
• Dilute 1:67 as an udder wash or cluster dip.
• Contains 4500 ppm Chlorhexidine Gluconate.
• Can be used on milking sheep and goats.

Size: 25 litre