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Prevention is better than cure

Zermasect is a pour-on solution that helps with the prevention and control of ectoparasites: Flies, Lice and Ticks.

Flies are not only an annoyance to your flock; they also spread diseases and cost you money. Flies will mass hatch depending on weather conditions, so it is possible to predict an emergence and take action to prevent them.

Flies are common around sheep; they irritate the skin, some feed on a sheep’s blood and may spread diseases. If your flock is under attack from flies act immediately utilising an effective fly-killing product, your RAMA will prescribe the best product for your farm circumstances.

Blowflies are especially problematic, and a bad infestation can be fatal. Adult blowflies lay eggs in sheep wool, which develop into maggots. In less than a week, the population of blowflies is already increased exponentially and an attempt to dampen the population growth is a significant challenge.

If blowflies lay eggs in sheep wool when there is already a wound (common from foot rot, other parasites, shearing cuts or heavily soiled fleeces, etc.) the maggots invade this when they hatch. The larvae then excrete ammonia, which can lead to toxaemia, along with bacterial septicemia, creating a life-threatening condition for the sheep.

Blowfly Lifecycle


Prevention is better than cure

If you wait until fly populations are already established and then try to tackle them, you’re unlikely to win the battle. It’s important to maintain a high level of flock hygiene all year round and form a plan of action in advance.

Your local Downland RAMA can help you develop a preventative health plan, find your nearest Downland RAMA here:

Know when you are at risk by checking the Nadis Forecast!

Zermasect POM-VPS

Zermasect Data

Zermasect is applied at a rate of 40 mls for animals weighing 25 kg or more, and 25 mls for animals weighing less than 25 kg.  The dose is applied using an adjustable dosing gun fitted with a T-bar with 3 or 4 outlets and is applied directly onto the wool in a band from the back of the head to the base of the tail. For the reduction of headfly strike 5mls per animal is applied between the horns, irrespective of size of the animal.

Downland Universal Pour-on Gun: 30ml Pour-on Gun for Sheep & Cattle Supplied with Pin stripe, Fan-Tip and T-Bar Nozzle (


Blowfly – For the control of blowfly a single application will normally provide 8 to 10 weeks protection. Re-treatment may be necessary after this period.  For the treatment of blowfly strike, a single treatment applied to the affected area will ensure blowfly larvae are killed.

Ticks – A single treatment will normally provide control of ticks for 8 to 12 weeks.

Headfly – A single treatment will reduce the incidence for up to 6 weeks.

Lice – A single treatment will normally kill all lice.


  Dosage (ml)
Blowfly 40 25
Lice 40
Ticks 40
Headfly 5 5


Please ask your local Downland RAMA for advice. Always read the datasheet and make sure that you know the weight of the animals, and treat to the heaviest in the batch. Ensure that you calibrate your dosing gun correctly.

Find out more about RAMA’s here.

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29th June 2022

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