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Prevent clinical signs of Coccidiosis with Coxicert®

Coccidiosis is a costly disease impacting on lamb and calf performance.

Coccidiosis is a disease of the intestinal tract caused by a microscopic parasite from the family Eimeria spp – the eggs are ingested, invade cells in the gut lining and multiply, eventually causing the cells to burst. When this happens, more eggs are released – some invade cells as before and some are excreted in dung.

Coxicert coccidiosis

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The latter contaminate the environment, presenting a source of infection to other animals. Contaminated water, the skin of dam’s udders and feed troughs are common routes for the spread of coccidiosis.

There are 20 different species of coccidia in cattle and sheep,not all species of coccidia are pathogenic:

In lambs

Only two are known to cause disease:

Eimeria ovinoidalis.

Eimeria crandalis.

In calves

Three cause disease:

Eimeria zuernii.

Eimeria bovis.

Eimeria alabamensis.

Coccidiosis in Lambs

In general, lambs are most at risk from 4-8 weeks of age. Treat with a single dose of Coxicert® at about 4- 6 weeks at the time the coccidiosis can normally be expected on farm.Under conditions of high infection pressure, a second treatment may be indicated about 3 weeks after the first dosing.

Signs of clinical disease:





Signs of subclinical disease:

• Reduced weight gain.

• Poor appetite.

Coccidiosis in Calves

Calves are most at risk from 3 weeks – 6 months of age. Treat with a single dose of Coxicert®14 days after moving into a potentially high risk environment, or 7 days in advance of expected symptoms.


Coxicert® prevents coccidiosis by killing parasites already in the gut and reducing environmental contamination by limiting oocyst excretion.

Treats lambs and calves and helps to prevent further contamination of the environment.A single oral dose – easy to administer.No meat withdrawal.

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13th March 2020

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