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Pre-Calving supplement supports calving success

With calves which experience difficult calvings being four times more likely to be still-born
or die within 24 hours of birth, and cows suffering complications including delayed
re-breeding, Downland have developed a unique product to help support successful calving.

Optilix Pre-Calver a dehydrated molasses lick, is the ideal pre-calving, easy to use supplement for dairy and beef cows and heifers providing benefits to both dam and calf specifically around the problem of difficult and prolonged calving.

A unique combination of sugar, minerals, chelated trace elements and vitamins has been formulated into a convenient 20kg lick designed for free-access feeding at grass or in-house with restricted silage and straw. It is also available as an 80kg tub for less
frequent replenishment.

Supplementing highly bio-available trace minerals and use of high levels of vitamin E pre-calving is known to impact cow and calf health and performance, yet the benefits of high levels of magnesium supplementation are less well-known. Magnesium is not stored within the body so is absorbed directly through the rumen wall from the
diet. Experts believe it is then quickly transported to muscle tissues meaning stronger muscle contractions delivering the calf more easily and quickly.

Niacin is also included and helps to maintain appetite and support energy metabolism where there is a risk of ketosis with the target of returning the cow to oestrus more quickly and resulting in successful conception.

Optilix Pre-Calver is recommended to be offered free-access to cows and heifers from 6-8
weeks pre-calving. Intake is determined by other feeds and forages available with recommended intake around 200-300g/cow/day dependent on liveweight.


18th December 2017

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