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In the natural environment, lambs are completely dependent on the care of the ewe after birth. Poor mothering, either due to behaviour or milking ability, can cause unnecessary stress on the young or threaten their survival. Combine this with a harsh wet or windy environment, dirty or damp bedding and the probability of good healthy development of “neonatal” young, are slim.

Throughout this time, interventions can be made to help ensure good development, growth and profitability. Particularly when we consider the dependence on the ewe starts prior to birth.

To help with the management of lambs throughout their neonatal lives, Downland has developed a comprehensive range of Lamb Force nutritional products so that every intervention counts. The range is accompanied by lifecycle tools and best advice from Downland franchisee’s to ensure the products can be fed when the animals need them most.

Together the products help to push back on the common farm challenges which threaten lambs. They focus on key areas of performance lag via natural colostrum enrichment, energy metabolism, to reduce risk of lethargy, and healthy gut development.

Lamb Force Twin Lamb liquid

Downland Twin Lamb

Available in 500ml and an economical 1lt flock pack. Supporting lamb dependence prior to birth this complementary feedstuff supplies vital energy to ewes carrying multiple lambs. The compliment of vitamins, trace elements and the addition of L-carnitine, to aid the burning of stored fat for fuel, assist a nutritionally challenged ewe.

Lamb Force Colostrum

Downland Lamb Col group copy

An easy mixing natural colostrum based feed to aid new-born lambs by complementing or replacing maternal colostrum when in poor supply or of reduced quality. Downland’s new Pro-Zest formulation is a balanced fusion of essential colostrum protein from easily digestible sources, helping provide lambs the Zest for life in one easy mix formula by:

  • Increasing the proportion of colostrum from freeze dried natural sources, helping reduce potential competition for absorption from other non-colostrum sources.
  • Product scanning of the colostrum proteins to help ensure levels to our high standards.
  • Ingredient inclusions balanced to help ensure easy mixing of the product to allow quick application.
Lamb Force Liquid Colostrum

Liquid Colostrum

A complementary liquid feedstuff for lambs, for use when maternal colostrum is in short supply. Our easy to feed pack, with single feed applicators help reduce the need for measuring for rapid accurate feeding practise.

Lamb Force Lamb & Ram Boost

1. Lamb & ram boost 100ml

Energy rich ingredients with antioxidants help provide available energy to assist natural suckling and reduce the risk of lethargy & hypothermia in new born lambs. Fertility in older animals is also maintained by antioxidants, providing dual purpose in an easy to apply liquid feed.

Lamb Force Downguard Pro

12. Downguard pro

A liquid suspension with egg powder, specifically designed to encourage a healthy gut environment in lambs showing symptoms of gut infections and lethargy due to poor maternal colostrum practice.

Used in combination as part of a proactive colostrum management program, the Lamb Force range of products can help to support your newborn lambs when used as part of standard management practice or during unexpected stress challenges.

3rd January 2017

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