Optigain; “I Never Looked Back”.

A working farm for over 100 years, Meikle Haddo Farm is nestled in Newburgh, Aberdeenshire. Managed for the past 20 years by husband and wife team Roddy and Fiona, the farm was originally started by Roddy’s great-grandfather. Meikle Haddo is currently home to more than 2000 hardy Shetland Cross ewes and more recently 100 Aberdeen Angus cattle.

Optigain 3

Their Ewes are split into three flocks; with lambing starting in April. Roddy trusts and believes in this system and every year it gives good results. Last year Roddy obtained a 175% scanning average from his ewes.

However, back in 2008 they were having problems with their lambs, particularly performance – firstly fluke issues and secondly post-weaning checks. Like many other farmers in Aberdeenshire they contacted Towns & Carnie for advice.

Optigain 2

After initial discussions it was realised that the sheep were receiving no form of additional supplementation, which is when they started using Optigain Sheep +Copper as it is strategically formulated to target the kind of issues (weaning lag) being faced at Meikle Haddo.

After Roddy started using Optigain in conjunction with their fluke product, the results were clear and he “never looked back”. He has been giving every lamb 10ml and has never seen the issues since, allowing him to sell store lambs year on year.

Optigain Sheep +Copper

Provides lambs at weaning with a comprehensive blend of vitamins and trace elements including a unique combination of selenium and natural vitamin E required for the support of growth, immune development and on-going performance.

Optigain is available from your local Downland retailer, click here further information or call 01228 564498 for further details.



8th April 2016