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Preparing for a Successful Calving Season

The high risk of dry cow disorders and diseases such as milk fever, ketosis, mastitis and
lameness make mineral nutrition in the run up to calving critical to aid in their management, to help ensure a successful calving season.

Opti-Lix Pre-Calver for Succesful Calving

Not only is a correct balance of calcium and magnesium essential for preventing milk fever, but it also aids strong calving contractions resulting in a quick birth. This is especially important in heifers, thin or fat cows, and where larger calves are more likely, which all increase the likelihood of a difficult calving. Reducing calving difficulties also helps minimise calf mortality, which is also influenced by calf health and vigour at birth.


Nutrition during the pre-calving period also influences fertility post-calving. Copper is
commonly known as the fertility ‘spark-plug’, however lock up from antagonists such as
molybdenum, iron and sulphur commonly found in UK forages can prevent it being effective, highlighting the need to supplement multiple copper sources to minimise the calving to conception period.

How Can Opti-Lix Pre-Calver Help your Cows and Heifers for Calving?
  • Extra high 35% sugars to support feed intakes.
  • Optimal ratios of calcium and magnesium to support calving ease.
  • Multiple copper sources to help offset any lock-up.
  • Ultra-high vitamin E level for where there is a risk of mastitis and retained cleansings, and to support calf health and vigour.
  • Protected zinc to aid in the management of mastitis and lameness.
  • Nicotinic acid for where there is a risk of ketosis.
  • Offer from 6 weeks pre-calving.
  • Available in 20kg and 80kg.

19th February 2019

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