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Opti-Lix Cattle Magnesium – Ideal to Help Manage Grass Staggers Risk

Rapidly growing grass has a low magnesium content with a poor availability due to its low dry matter content, high potash level and the high protein (nitrogen) content. Minimising the risks associated with magnesium during spring turnout can help mitigate the risk of grass staggers in lactating cows and sheep.

Any sort of stress; environmental, dietary or metabolic can further decrease the availability or absorption of magnesium. It is estimated up to 1% of our national herd and flock is affected by magnesium deficiency clinically or sub-clinically each year and up to 30% of this figure results in death.

Magnesium is not easily mobilised from body reserves and coupled with this is an extremely low circulatory pool from which animals can draw from when required. Consequently they are always on a near knife-edge in terms of availability, which is why even a small disruption in dietary supply can cause a problem.
By understanding the nutritional challenges, farmers are better able to make an informed choice of the most appropriate method of supplementation to avoid this disease.


Opti-Lix Cattle Magnesium is a low moisture, controlled intake lick containing 10.5% magnesium from a bioavailable source to help support optimum blood magnesium levels.
The high sugar content of the product also makes it very palatable, which gives assurance that stock will readily take the product which is critical in the control of this
nervous disorder.
Copper is also included to help support return to oestrus and pregnancy rates after calving, plus a range of other minerals and vitamins to help balance those often found deficient in grazing. The inclusion of protected zinc also aids in the management of lameness and mastitis.

14th March 2018

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