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The period immediately pre-calving is one of the most important times in a breeding cow’s production calendar. Ensuring optimum nutrition in the run up to calving this autumn will play a key part in the overall herd management, giving both the cow and calf the best chance of a successful calving and beyond.

The focus of feeding dry cows should be to enable them to be at the correct body condition score at calving. Rations should therefore satisfy the cow’s appetite, provide sufficient trace elements and minerals and manage cows body condition score to ensure targets are reached for calving.  As autumn calving approaches it’s important to monitor body condition, the challenge with autumn calvers is to avoid them becoming over-fat. They are well suited to poorer quality grazing or restricted pasture and straw.

Opti-Lix Pre-Calver for Succesful Calving
Providing the correct mineral balance as calving approaches is also important. A low calcium, high magnesium supplement will encourage the dry cow to start to mobilise calcium from her bone in preparation for lactation and help to prevent milk fever. The feeding of a higher magnesium supplement will also support uterine tone and muscle contractions throughout labour.

A successful calving season is also dependent on the supply of several other minerals which are often found deficient in forages. For example, selenium and vitamin E deficiency, has been linked with an increase in retained cleansings, and copper is key for fertility after calving has taken place. Furthermore, given that mastitis and lameness are some of the costliest diseases on farm, zinc supplementation is important for maintaining udder and hoof health.

Pre Calving
OPTI-LIX PRE-CALVER is a low moisture, high specification vitamin-mineral lick specifically formulated for cows during the dry period.


  • Extra high 35% sugars to support feed intakes.
  • Low calcium and high magnesium help the cow mobilise calcium to prepare for calving and aid where there is a risk of milk fever.
  • Fortified with minerals, vitamins and trace elements to balance forage.
  • Excellent levels of vitamin E and selenium help support cow and calf immunity and calf vigour.
  • Multiple copper sources, including protected copper supports breeding success after calving.
  • Protected zinc aids in the management of mastitis and lameness.
  • Offer from 6 weeks pre-calving.

Available in 20kg buckets and 80kg tubs.

4th August 2020

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