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AHDB reports that the average beef cow returns a loss of almost £180 and even a store animal loses over £105 before support payments, whilst the average cost of rearing a replacement heifer is reported to be £1500.

Improving the utilisation of better value homegrown forages and reducing reliance on bought-in feed can have a significant impact on farm profitability. With many producers looking to utilise alternative forages and outwintering options following one of the driest summers on record, then providing additional supplementation will be critical to ensure performance targets are met this winter whatever the feeding situation.

Opti-Lix Cattle Balancer is the ideal supplement for breeding, growing and finishing cattle. It offers excellent nutritional benefits whether grazed grass, grass silage, straw, forage crops, maize or cereal silages are being offered. The little and often controlled intake characteristics of the product mean the lick is long-lasting providing both an economic benefit whilst reducing the frequency with which buckets need to be replaced.

low moisture cattle lick

How can Opti-Lix Cattle Balancer help support cattle performance this winter?
  • High sugar content to help support improved forage digestibility and utilisation of protein found in forage crops
  • Balanced protein content (14% crude protein) including natural sources to help support frame growth and milk production, plus urea to support digestion and intake of low protein forages such as straw, maize silage and fermented wholecrop
  • Complete range of minerals and vitamins, including selenium, cobalt and iodine to help balance potential deficiencies in all forage types
  • Protected zinc to help support hoof and skin health, as well as protected copper to help support fertility in breeding cows and heifers
  • Available in 20kg buckets and 80kg tubs


15th November 2018

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