New Product: Opti-Lix Pre-Calver

Opti-Lix Pre-Calver is a low moisture, high specification vitamin-mineral lick for cows during the dry period. Correct management and nutrition of the dry cow are critical for obtaining maximum dry matter intake, increased reproductive efficiency and optimum milk production in the following lactation.

opti-lix-pre-calver-20g_lr opti-lix-pre-calver-80kg_lr



  • Fortified with minerals, trace elements and vitamins to balance forages.
  • Low calcium and high magnesium helps cow mobilise calcium to prepare for calving and prevent milk fever.
  • Contains excellent levels of the vital anti-oxidants selenium and vitamin E to help support cow and calf immunity, and promote newborn health and vitality.
  • Contains an optimal level of copper including protected copper to help support cow immunity and fertility.
  • Zinc to support foot health, includes protected zinc.
  • Available in 20kg and 80kg tubs.

23rd September 2016