New Product – Essential Calcium

Essential Calcium is a fast acting, sustained release bolus for diary cows. For the reduction of the risk of milk fever in dairy cows.

  • Fast Acting – 20 minutes from administration
  • Slow Release – 24 hour cover when part of a 2 bolus programme.

Milk fever occurs at or near the time of calving. It is caused by the onset of milk production resulting in the sudden requirement of calcium for colostrum and milk. This causes levels of calcium in the blood to drop rapidly. If blood calcium levels cannot be maintained at a high enough level, either through mobilisation from the bones or supplied through the
diet, then milk fever can occur.

  • Milk Fever affects 5 to 7 percent of cows in the first one to two days after calving with a further 23 to 39 percent of cows showing signs of sub-clinical hypocalcaemia after calving.
  • Death as a result of milk fever is very rare but contributory animal health problems are a major headache for dairy farmers.
  • Milk Fever causes a reduction in smooth muscle function which, in turn, can result in an increase in displaced abomasums and retained placentas.
Essential Calcium boluses, dissolve within 20 minutes and quickly deliver 43g of calcium to the rumen. Calcium is then released in two forms, calcium chloride and calcium sulphate, which is available over a 24 hour period.


What is of critical importance with any supplementary calcium is that it does not interfere with the natural control mechanism. The freshly calved cow will need to access both the supplementary calcium and her own mobilised reserves. Essential Calcium boluses ensure that the control mechanism remains active so that natural body reserves of calcium are available to the animal and that the supplementary calcium from the bolus is available within 20 minutes of application and for up to 24 hours after administration.

15th September 2017

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