New Product – Downland Rumen Buffer; Maximising Year-Round Performance

Downland Rumen Buffer is a blend of buffering agents and flavours. It neutralises acidity therefore improving digestion and productivity.

A healthy rumen is the key to achieving optimum animal health and production. Achieving a balanced pH in the rumen by avoiding acid build-up is central to good rumen health and aids digestion.

Many types of diet can cause excess rumen acid build-up. When the pH of the rumen falls to less than 5.5 (normal is 6.5 to 7) this can lead to acidosis. Risk factors for acidosis are diets with a lack of structural fibre, wet/acidic silages, lush grazing, or high concentrate/high cereal diets. Acidosis can cause reduced intakes, reduced milk yields/milk solids, lower weight gain in beef cattle and hoof problems. Excess rumen acid should be neutralised or buffered to protect performance.

Downland Rumen Buffer offers:

  • A combination of several different buffering agents to ensure maximum and consistent buffering capacity.
  • The best buffering capacity – gram for gram.
  • Downland Rumen Buffer outperforms the buffering capacity of its competitors.
  • An appetising buffer; thanks to the added flavour, Downland Rumen Buffer improves intake when wet, unpalatable silages are an issue.


11th August 2017