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Find the hidden potential in your herd

Would you like to be able to see the potential within your cattle before breeding? 

Make effective decisions for the future of your herd and your business?

‘Invisible Cows’ – Cows that do not draw attention to themselves which are productive, healthy and low maintenance. Keeping and breeding from these animals ensures that the farm remains profitable now and in the future. Identifying these ‘Invisible Cows’ using parent averages gives you less than 30% reliability.

Igenity gives you up to 80% reliability by using genomic information to help identify these ‘Invisible Cows’ in your herd.

Advantages of the Igenity Dairy Genomics Programme:

✓Eliminate uncertainty when it comes to replacement heifer selection

✓Gives you an accurate picture of your calves’ genetic potential

✓Easily identify and reprioritise underperforming animals for maximum profitability

✓Improve the rate of genetic progress

✓Allows you to make better mating decisions

Neogen- Find the potential in your cows

Breeds supported: Holstein, Jersey and Brown Swiss. All breeds must be at least 87% purebred

Submission information: All information required by the CDCB evaluation must be submitted with each sample. Turnaround time for this profile is approximately 3–4 weeks

Profile Detail

Results from Igenity-Select include over 50 traits received from the CDCB evaluation and includes content for coat colour, milk components and genetic conditions.

Key Traits

Parentage verification

Net merit

Milk yield

Fat (lbs.)

Protein (lbs.)

Somatic cell score

Productive life (months)

Daughter pregnancy rate

Daughter calving ease*

Igenity performance index (IPI)*

Final score (PTAT)

Genomic future inbreeding


Health Traits

Cow livability

Hypocalcemia (Milk fever)*

Displaced abomasum*

Ketosis* Mastitis*


Retained placenta*

Yield TraitsFat (%)

Protein (%)

Cheese merit

Fluid merit

Grazing merit


Fertility Traits

Sire calving ease*

Heifer conception rate

Cow conception rate

Daughter stillbirth*

Sire stillbirth*

Gestation length Haplotype status*


Type Traits

Feet/legs composite*

Udder composite*

Stature Strength Body depth*

Dairy form

Rump angle

Thurl width

Rear legs side view

Rear legs rear view*

Foot angle Feet and leg score*

Fore udder attachment

Rear udder height

Udder cleft Udder depth

Front teat placement

Rear teat placement*

Teat length


Genetic Conditions

Coat colour (including black/red)*

Dominant red coat colour*

Haplotype polled Haplotype brachyspina*

Haplotype CVM*

Haplotype HCD*









Breed Composition


Brown Swiss%





*Traits available for Holstein animals, but may not be available for all breeds.

†Triats available for Brown Swiss animals only.



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3rd December 2021

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