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Maximising Calf Health and Performance is Crucial for 22 Month Calving

Martin Denholm from Lochdrum Farm, Bonnybridge, in Scotland saw a notable improvement in his calves when he carried out a trial using Fresh Start® Improve
this spring.

Martin rears 120 calves per year and he considers calf health very important to enable optimal growth, particularly in the rearing of his replacement dairy heifers, which he
now consistently calves at between 22 and 23 months.

“The results of the trial convinced me of the benefits of using Fresh Start Improve and I have continued to use the product.”
Martin, milks 120 cows using a robotic system and feeds the calves though an automatic
feeder. The product appealed to him as he strives to maintain and improve calf health
and increase daily live weight gains. Commenting on the results from the trial,
Martin was pleased with the improvements in the calves. “We tried Fresh Start® Improve for a period of 5 weeks and noticed that dry feed intake increased. Subsequently, growth rates improved and calves were noticeably bigger. Overall, they just looked healthier and their coats were shining.”

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21st August 2017

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