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Maximise your Lamb’s Potential – Support Lambs Post Weaning with Downland Optigain.

The start to 2017 has, thankfully, not been a very cold one, with temperatures dipping below 0C only a handful of times in most areas. This has been replaced by a mild and wet winter with little improvement looming as we move towards the start of spring, making for poor quality land and sodden pastures which are low in vital trace elements.


To help minimise the effect of weaning lag on on-going performance, supplementation at weaning is paramount to help achieve good growth in your market lambs and replacements; driving weight gain to achieve optimum weights as quickly as possible. Optigain drench has been developed to provide additional nutrients when growing lambs need them most, providing a comprehensive specification of vitamins and trace elements to support growth when pastures may not contain the key elements the animals required e.g. Cobalt, Selenium and Vitamin B12.

Formulated and tested, the unique nature of Optigain’s highly soluble chelates provides benefits to farmers when compared to other typical market specifications:

  • Accurate – supplying the correct levels each feed.
  • Safe – Low risk of over dosing
  • Free flowing – Rapid accurate feeding
  • Compliant – maximising the permitted amounts of nutrients per feed.
  • Convenient – Quick and Easy
  • Cost effective

Contact your local Downland retailer for more information on the Optigain range.

19th April 2017

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