Making provisions for support of Maternal Colostrum

New-born Calves & Lambs should receive colostrum before pathogens get the chance to infect them. To achieve this, it is essential that the 4 Q’s (Quickly, Quantity, Quality and Quietly) are considered to meet the neonatals colostrum demand.

Usually the dam provides adequate colostrum, however on a number of occasions this is not the case:

  • Inadequate nutrition of the dam prior to giving birth – Quality and Quantity of colostrum are negatively affected by poor energy and protein supply in the last third of gestation. Risks to the dam or lamb/calf include deficiencies in key vitamins, trace elements, immune proteins or fat.
  • Inadequate environmental conditions – Quick and Quiet colostrum ingestion can be impacted as overcrowded, cold, wet, harsh surroundings increase exposure to disease. Poor conditions decrease the probability of adequate colostrum consumption as severely stressed, soaked offspring struggles to maintain their own internal temperature to get to the dam and feed.

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Downland’s ProZest concept has been developed with this in mind, to provide farmers with the peace of mind in:

All of the formulations strengths remain. The product has been reformulated however, to balance the overall protein contribution in favour of colostrum proteins, while improving product mixing. This is achieved by reducing non colostrum whey protein which would normally compete in the calves/lambs gut and reduce effective uptake of beneficial proteins.

  • The correct balance of proteins in favour of natural colostrum sources. – Improved efficacy achieved from maximising the globular protein available by reducing competition from other protein components.
  • Adequate protein from natural colostrum sources – better blend of ingredients enabling an easier mixing product, achieved using expertise and protocols from human baby milk manufacturing operations.
  • Easy mixing ingredients.

Use Lamb Force and Fresh Start Colostrums, formulated to ProZest, for the following benefits:

  • Increase the proportion of colostrum from freeze dried natural sources, helping reduce potential competition for absorption from other non-colostrum protein.
  • Scanning of the product batches for colostrum proteins helps ensure adequate supplementary levels.

Downland Lamb Col group copy Downland group calf col

Ingredient inclusions are balanced to help ensure easy mixing of the product to allow quick application.

“ProZest signifies a balanced fusion of essential colostrum protein from easily digestible sources, helping provide lambs and calves the Zest for life in one easy mix formula”

21st December 2016

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