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Make Magnesium Supplementation a Priority this Autumn

The imminent autumn flush of grass means the risk of grass staggers in breeding herds will soon be upon us. Whilst this lush pasture can be of high nutritional quality in terms of its energy and protein content, it usually has a low magnesium content which can be detrimental to lactating cows and heifers who lose a lot of magnesium in their milk.

It is estimated that the annual average incidence of staggers in the UK is under 1%, however up to 30% of these cases results in death. The disorder progresses at such a rapid rate, that a cure is often too late; making prevention critical to help avoid losses within the herd.


Free-access daily magnesium supplementation can act as a very effective nutritional tool towards managing the grass staggers risk this autumn. Opti-Lix Cattle Magnesium is a low moisture, controlled intake lick containing 10.5% magnesium from a bioavailable
source to help support optimum blood magnesium levels.

The high sugar content of the product also makes it very palatable, which gives assurance that stock will readily take the product which is critical in the control of this nervous disorder.

Copper is also included to help support return to oestrus and pregnancy rates after calving, plus a range of other minerals and vitamins to help balance those often found deficient in grazing. The inclusion of protected zinc also aids in the management of lameness and mastitis.

17th September 2018

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