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Make Every Lamb Count with Lamb Quick Finish

Although this year’s lambing season has been a relatively kind one, lamb numbers are thought to be down around 300,000 head and remain below the 5 year average as a consequence of a smaller breeding ewe flock and poor fertility after 2018’s hot, dry summer. With fewer lambs available to market, this really is the year where every lamb counts so management to ensure quick and efficient growth to finishing is crucial to maintain profitability.

Spring grass growth rates are above average in many areas, lambs seem to have got off to a good start. Older lambs will have benefited directly from eating high quality spring grass, reported to contain around 28% crude protein and 13MJ ME/kg DM on average, but also
younger suckling lambs will have been aided by ewes having a plentiful milk supply.

However, as we move through the year, July onwards grass nutritional quality and growth rates begin to slow and consequently lamb liveweight gains naturally slow down. This coincides with the seasonal decline in market prices making it essential to push to finish lambs as early as possible to utilise high quality, low cost grass whilst capturing the best prices possible.

Offering lambs free-access supplementation after weaning can result in both increased lamb growth rates and improved forage utilisation. Downland Lamb Quick Finish is a feed lick specifically formulated for growing and finishing lambs after weaning, containing high levels of energy and natural protein plus minerals and vitamins including cobalt, selenium and vitamins B1 and B12. This makes it ideal for helping offset the decline in grass quality, supporting lamb growth and the production of a quality carcase that meets market requirements.


  • Packed with quality natural rumen by-pass protein (DUP) to help support frame and lean muscle development.
  • High energy to help support target growth rates and optimal fat covers for finishing.
    Contains added phosphorus ideal for lambs grazing forage crops.
  • Includes vitamin B1 for where there is a risk of CCN (cerebrocortical necrosis) and vitamin B12 to help support growth rates on cobalt deficient pastures.
  • Fortified with minerals, vitamins and trace elements, including protected zinc and biotin to support foot health and tissue integrity.
  • Available as 25kg and 100kg tubs.

10th May 2019

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