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Lamb Force: Lambing Success

Lamb Force: Lambing Success with Downland’s complete neonatal collection of Lamb Force products!

Lamb Force Neonatal Range

January’s Product of the Month: Lamb Force Premium Powder Colostrum


Product of the month Lamb Force Premium Colostrum

A complementary water soluble colostrum feedingstuff for newborn lambs designed to complement or replace maternal colostrum when in short supply.

Day one nutrition with essential protein and energy.
Easy mixing ingredients from digestible sources.
Designed to support establishment of a healthy immune system.
Colostrum source certified EBL, IBR and Johne’s Free.

Available in: 250g/500g/1kg/2kg/5kg

Also available in Lamb Force Liquid Colostrum.

“Since feeding the Downland Lamb Force colostrum we have never looked back. The lambs get off to a better start.”- Awre family



February’s Product of the Month: Lamb Force Ewe Milk Replacer


Lamb Force Ewe Milk Replacer

Lamb Force Ewe Milk Replacer powder is sourced from ewe’s milk. The ewe’s milk is carefully dried to maximise the digestibility of the protein for optimum growth and to protect the antibodies in the milk to aid development and health. Lambs prefer it as it is just like mother’s milk.

Clinical Farm Studies have show a 15% daily live weight gain in lambs and a milk replacer intake gain of 17%.

Available in: 5kg/10kg/10kg bag/20kg


Lambing Success is helped along by…

Lamb Force: Twin Lamb


Nutritional deficiencies in livestock can be a year round battle to keep on top of. Luckily Lamb Force Twin Lamb is available at all Downland retailers to help you to prevent Ketosis in pregnant ewes, especially those with twins.

The energy intensive process can take a lot out of the ewe and can have serious consequences later on. Most serious consequence could be death of ewe or lamb. Other consequence could be poor quality colostrum.

And we have

Lamb Force: Lamb Boost!

What is Pro Zest?

What is Pro-Zest®?
Pro-Zest® is a unique blend of natural ingredients including gut enhancing prebiotics and essential oils that support the growth and development of lambs. Improving performance in early life and feed efficiency to maximise growth. Pro-Zest® also includes natural polyphenols with antioxidant properties to counteract the damaging effects of oxidative stress and improve immunity.

Lamb Force neonatal range is here at Downland to make sure everyone has a successful lambing season.


Contact your local Downland retailer to have lambing success with the Lamb Force range!


25th January 2022

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