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Know your Nozzle!

Sheep herd- Know your nozzle

The Best Advice: Know your Nozzle!

Ensure you are ready for action against blowfly strike. The disease is potentially at its worst from June until September-October.

Blowfly Strike poses a serious welfare challenge to animals and can significantly affect farm profitability. More than 80 per cent of sheep flocks are hit by blowfly strike every year.

Figures from AHDB show the total cost to the sheep industry is £2.2 million a year. As well as animal death,  there are losses from damaged wool and fleeces, plus the cost of treatment and strike control.

Downland has a range of POM-VPS medicines that provide flexible and efficient solutions to Blowfly Strike. 

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Prevention is better than cure

Correct Application is Key

To get the best from a treatment, using the correct nozzle at time of application is critical.


Correct nozzle:

  • Blowfly strike prevention – fan spray nozzle
  • Blowfly strike treatment – T- bar nozzle
  • Headfly – T-bar nozzle
  • Lice – Straight nozzle
  • Ticks – Straight nozzle


If in doubt please check with your Downland RAMA

21st June 2022

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