Know what you’re fighting and win the war on scour

Know the demon you’re dealing with in under 20 minutes!

Eradicating scour from any farm is notoriously difficult owing to the number of ways it is caused, but if you know what’s causing scour on your farm, you can deal with it. That’s where the Ark Quatro Detection Kit comes in.


It’s a simple ‘5 Step’ on-farm test kit that allows you to test for the cause of scour yourself in under 20 minutes. The Ark Quatro Detection Kit will identify if it is one of the four main causes of scour you have on your farm; Rotavirus, Ecoli, Cryptosporidium or Cornona virus. So keep one handy during the calving season and know the devil you’re dealing with.

Available exclusively from Downland in the UK.

8th April 2015