Keeping Cattle Performance at Grass on Top Form

It is estimated that grazed grass costs 5-6p/kg DM eaten, compared to concentrates which can cost over three times this amount. Therefore, maximising utilisation of this cheapest feed on farm is key to reducing variable costs for a profitable cattle enterprise.

However, as the grazing season progresses, the digestibility and energy content of grass starts to decline as it enters the reproductive period. Additionally, whilst the protein content in grazing may still be above 20% moving into autumn, the majority of this will be rumen degradable.

Free-access licks are the ideal supplement for grazing cattle. Not only do they help support forage digestibility, but they have also been proven to stimulate dry matter intakes by up to 10%. Placement of licks across the grazing area can also help encourage greater utilisation of available grazing.



• 12.4MJ of ME to help keep cattle fit into the autumn as grass quality declines.


• 15% all natural protein, from quality sources, to help complement the type of protein found in grazed grass to help support dairy, beef and youngstock performance.


• Complete range of minerals and vitamins, including selenium, cobalt, and iodine to help balance potential deficiencies in grazed grass.


• Protected zinc to help support good hoof and skin health, as well as protected copper to help support fertility in breeding cows and heifers.


• Available in 25kg buckets and 100kg tubs.


24th July 2017

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