It is vital to set up a routine for new born lambs

Everyone involved in lambing should follow the same routine and be provided with the necessary equipment close to hand.

• Has it sucked?
• Navel treated?
• Is navel dry and healed?
• Have mother and lamb(s) bonded?
• Is it marked/tagged?
• Was colostrum fed?
• Are castration and tail docking necessary? If so, has lamb recovered?

It is best practice to spray a ewe’s number on her back or side for easy identification. The same number can be put on the lambs’ backs so that ewe-lamb pairs can easily be identified.

Lambs should only be turned out if:
• They are dry
• They are sucking well
• They are well-bonded to their mother
• The weather is not cold, wet and windy
• The ewe has an adequate milk supply.

Take your time and turn out small groups and watch them mother up before leaving them. Put some form of common mark on each family group turned out and have plenty of spray marker paint available!


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For further information please contact your local Downland Distributor or the Downland Team on tel: 01228 564498 or email

13th February 2015