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History of Downland

Downland Marketing Ltd was formed in 1979 by four independent veterinary pharmacies and agricultural merchants based around the South of England.

The intention was to form an independent purchasing group, which would create and establish an “own brand” product range of animal medicines, mineral treatments, and supplements to compete with the proprietary brands which were being marketed at that time.

The founding principle of the group was that there would be no hierarchy, each and every independent agricultural merchant or veterinary pharmacy would be treated as an equal partner within the business. They would require a general business base which incorporated an active sales structure with a strong emphasis on animal health.

Once the company was formed, they used their combined purchasing power to negotiate Downland branded products directly from the manufacturer or supplier; these products were then marketed by the new network.

Downland has established themselves as a formidable negotiator with substantial purchasing power in the sector, which enables them to secure enhanced purchasing packages for their Franchisees from the major manufacturer/supplier. These will often include preferential trading terms, enhanced training opportunities, and full technical and product advice and support.


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