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Help Support Cattle Performance at Grass

Opti-Lix Cattle Balancer is a high energy and protein feed tub for dairy and beef cattle on grazing and high forage diets. Ideal for all year round supplementation, especially for growing cattle, bulling heifers and cows to support optimal performance.

  • 36% sugar to help support better forage digestibility.
  • Low moisture lick for excellent intake control.
  • 14% protein, from natural and urea sources, for optimal forage utilisation.
  • Complete range of minerals and vitamins, including selenium, cobalt, and iodine to help balance potential deficiencies in grazed grass.
  • Protected zinc to help support good hoof and skin health, as well as protected copper to help support fertility in breeding cows and heifers.
  • Available in 20kg buckets and 80kg tubs.

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16th May 2018

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