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Downland Lamb Force gets lambs off to a flying start

The Awre family farm 800 lowland ewes mostly Texel’s in Gloucestershire and this year scanned at 180% including the hoggs. For the past few years they have used Downland Lamb Force colostrum before feeding Downland Lamb Force ewe milk replacer, both supplied by Taylor Farm Supplies, Tewkesbury.

“Since feeding the Downland Lamb Force colostrum we have never looked back. The lambs get off to a better start.”

After colostrum the lambs are fed Downland Lamb Force ewe milk replacer. This year they have noticed how much better the milk stays together once mixed. “The milk is less watery on top due to staying in solution longer with less sedimentation and generally the powder mixes better”

This ensures that all lambs get their correct nutritional intake and makes it easier with manual mixing required.

Downland Lamb Force range gets lambs off to a flying start

“Our large Lambs are consuming 2.5 litres a day and the smaller ones 1.7 litres. Lambs of all sizes are eating more straw on the new milk which makes it easier when it comes to weaning them abruptly at 35 days old.” As well high roughage intakes they have noticed that the lambs at 23 days look big enough to wean already.

Downland Lamb Force colostrum and ewe milk replacers are easy to mix, with guaranteed quality and is the only milk powder based on ewe milk that contains the Pro Zest technology, ensuring lambs get off to a flying start.

Lamb Force Made with Ewe's Milk Lamb Force Premium Colostrum

To find out more about Lamb Force colostrum or Lamb Force ewe milk replacer click here. 

7th February 2020

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