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In the UK Dairy and Beef industry the number of calves reared to full term is 89 in every 100 dams. Each season 1 in 7 dairy calves and 1 in 13 beef calves are lost during rearing due to a variety of factors (NADIS UK). This carries a significant cost to the industry during an already challenging time for UK farmers.

63% of losses are due to challenges after birth. Digestive disturbance (scours) accounts for a 50% of these losses as the calves’ immature immune system becomes familiar with the potentially harmful bacteria and virus in the environment.

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To help minimise the effects of the challenges around calving the Downland Fresh Start range of products supply vital nutrients to support calves and post calving cows as part of the Fresh Start Calf Life Cycle.

The quality of colostrum received by the calf is the primary concern. Consuming adequate volumes of high quality colostrum within the first 6 hours of life assists in the establishment of passive immunity, the absorption of globular proteins in colostrum help to provide protection from the environment while their own immune system develops. Failure of passive transfer predisposes calves to high morbidity or mortality (J.D Quigley 2002).

Maternal colostrum from the dam is the most common source (of globular protein) to achieve passive transfer. A typical consumption of 2 intakes of 2L of mother’s colostrum supplied to calves within the first 24 hours usually allows the animal to fulfil its requirement for protection. Failure of passive transfer (FPT) can result when not enough or poor quality colostrum is consumed and absorbed.

In some cases the dam cannot produce colostrum of adequate immunoglobulin content, leading to an inadequate passive transfer to the calf (Corke M.J, 2014) and the potential for complications.

Supplements are formulated to support or replace natural colostrum when it is in short supply. They include specific ingredients to increase colostrum intake and provide other vital nutrients:

  • Protein from digestible sources, supplying adequate protein to drive early growth and development.
  • Sufficient energy, fuelling metabolism and growth while helping to minimise any risk of hypothermia by helping maintain thermoregulation. Hypothermia accounting for 5% of calf deaths pre-weaning (NADIS)
  • Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, particularly to help support development of the calves own natural immunity.

Fresh Start Premium Colostrum is easy mixing feed stuff to aid new-born calves by complementing or replacing maternal colostrum.

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The new Pro-Zest® formulation has been developed optimising all of the factors which make a great colostrum supplement; using high quality ingredients, balanced using increased levels of natural colostrum, evidenced from analysis of every manufactured batch. Combined in an easy mixing formula for quick administration on farm, providing farmers with the confidence and peace of mind that Downland’s Fresh Start Colostrum is a brand they can trust.

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7th September 2016