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Fresh Start Milk Replacer Range

Fresh Start Milk Replacer Calf drinking

Between 2020 and 2021 the number of cattle and calves in England decreased by 1.9% (Defra 2021). With fewer numbers, efficiency is playing an ever-larger part in farm and calf rearing management.

We all know how colostrum plays such an important role in the first hours and days of a calf’s life. The cow’s colostrum quality also declines by 4% per hour which doesn’t sound like much but if you wait to milk the cow through the parlour, on average, the cow’s colostrum will be 25% weaker than it was when the calf was born.

Added to this, the calf’s ability to absorb antibodies at six hours old is half that of a two-hour-old calf. Therefore, the secret is getting colostrum in quickly within two hours of birth and giving a minimum of 3 and preferably 4 litres in that period. After this period the calf is then introduced to replacer milk.



A young calf is normally fed 4-6 litres of milk or milk replacer which contains 3-5 litres of water so is it, necessary to offer additional water?

The answer is YES, excluding water from a young calf’s diet reduces dry feed intakes by 60%, reduces growth by over 25% and therefore increases the cost of rearing by 35%. A calf will require 3-6 litres of water per kg of dry feed consumption, depending on the ambient temperature.


Fresh Start

Fresh Start Replacer Milk Range

In a recent trial, calves being fed 600gm/day Fresh Start Heifer saw weight gains of just under 1kg/ day to 12 weeks; this currently costs the farmer £1.80/day to feed compared with £2.80 on cow’s milk.

Fresh Start Supreme also offers innovation, as customers continue to be more conscientious about farm inputs. Fresh Start Supreme is now made with sunflower oil, which also makes mixing easier and makes the product ideal for all systems, especially cold mixing.

The Fresh Start range is always looking to improve and innovate so that it continues to be the Best Product for the efficiency of your farm and to the benefit of your calves.

For more details on the range, or advice on calf rearing please contact your Downland retailer.


1st July 2022

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