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Fresh Start Downguard Calf; What our Farmers Say…………

Gordon and Hazel Davis, Westcott Farm, Tiverton, Devon

220 pedigree Jersey cows and followers

“Downguard Calf has made a real difference to our calves,” says Hazel Davis. “We had a pack of 12 to try and we got on really well. Some of our calves can be a bit slow to get going, so we give them the paste a few hours after birth and it gives them a real boost.

“We’re now using it on all our Jersey heifers. We’re keen to maintain high health in our young calves. So it’s really important to keep the bugs at bay. We’re now seeing far fewer issues in our young heifer calves,” adds Hazel.

Calf care from birth is a vital part of the dairy herd success on Westcott Farm in Devon and Hazel looks to give the calves the best possible start. Young heifer calves must achieve their growth targets from day 1 to maintain the herd’s 24-month old average age at first calving – most heifers achieve this and some calve slightly younger.

So health management is paramount on this farm. And protocols start at birth, with new-born calves fed high quality tested colostrum from disease free cows. Hazel is now using the Downguard Calf to safeguard her young heifers and give the slightly weaker ones that essential boost that gets them on track from the word go.

9th March 2018

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