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Fresh Start Downguard Calf – What our Farmers Say…………

James Gemmell, LaverockHill Farm, Stirling

150 British Friesian cows and followers 

“We give all newborn calves a bag of colostrum and a tube of Downland Calf paste within a few hours of birth,” says James Gemmell. “We’ve used the paste for the past two years and it certainly gives the calves a boost.” The Gemmells very rarely have problems in the calf house these days, with few cases of disease or scours. “We used to have all sorts of health problems and we could risk losing the odd calf,” adds James. “The situation is a lot better now.”

James and his sons Andrew and Tommy run the family unit. This all year round calving herd is run in a traditional system with cows grazing through summer and housed over winter. They breed all the cows with dairy bulls – sticking to pure Friesian sires as far as possible. This gives them about 175 calves a year – enough replacements for the herd with male calves reared on the farm to finishing.

28th March 2018

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