Fresh Start Downguard Calf – Protecting the Herd

George & Jayne Davidson, with their son Craig, farm 850 acres in the beautiful Aberdeenshire countryside. The farm, started back in the 1950s by George’s grandfather, is currently managed by both George and Craig. The Davidsons’ herd consists of 100 Commercial cattle and 25 purebred Limousin cattle, all serviced by their four impressive Limousin bulls.

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George has worked on the farm since 1977 and through the years has placed a large emphasis on the health and welfare of his herd. When the first vaccinations came out for Rotavirus he jumped at the chance to use them. However he found having to repeatedly administer the vaccine “not practical to use on farm”.

This is when George looked into alternative products that would be more practical to use and still bring the same health benefits.

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As a loyal customer of Downland retailer, Towns and Carnie, George sought their advice 5 years ago. As a result of their knowledge and expertise they suggested Fresh Start Downguard Calf.

Compared to the vaccines he found the paste much more user friendly & easier to administer. The product itself brought an extra layer of protection for the calf along with additional benefits.

It provides an insurance policy as well as key ingredients to support calves during this critical stage of life.

  • Coconut Oil – energy source
  • Prebiotics – stimulate beneficial gut bacteria
  • Egg Protein – support for gut function

George has so much confidence in the product that every calf born receives 30g from an easy to administer tube, within the first 12 hours. By providing this to every calf, he believes he is ensuring the calves get off to a good start in life.

The Davidsons are spring calvers and the yearlings are sold at Thainston auction mart, one of Europes largest auction marts (as seen on BBC One Scotland, in a documentary called “The Mart”).

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Currently the calves are born larger than normal, with average weights around 45-60 kg. The dams calve mostly unassisted which is a good sign of the herd health status. Calving occurs indoors between February and April and providing Downguard Calf at this time is a crucial management tool that George uses in the fight against the pathogens that grow and spread so quickly in this environment.

Fresh Start Downguard Calf is available from your local Downland retailer, for further information visit or call 01228 564498 for further details.

1st March 2016