Fresh Start Cow and Calf Boost

An energy rich liquid for cows and calves, providing an immediate supply of energy, vitamins, trace minerals and amino acids at critical periods. Designed to supplement cows and calves with additional energy to meet their body’s demands and support a healthy transition following calving and on-going performance.





The unique formulation contains ingredients specific to meet the immediate need for energy, while helping support the steady use of the body’s own natural reserves to burn body fat to fuel. Providing:

  • Readily available energy – to support the weak lethargic calf or help reduce the risk of poor energy availability and metabolic disorders in older cattle.
  • LiFT technology – including choline to help support liver function and aid ongoing energy balance.
  • L – Carnitine – a little heard of and yet very effective ingredient which helps breakdown of body fats into useable energy for calves and adult cattle.
  • Yeast – designed to support rumen function and feed intake.

The dual use product and easy feed bottle with built in applicator provides farmers and farm managers with an effective solution to meeting on farm energy requirements, supporting transition cows and young calves.

1st March 2017

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