Fresh Start Colostrum’s “Golden Hour.”

Having lived in the Honiton area since the 1500’s, Rodney Prings family has a rich history in the village wholly centred on farming and agriculture. The family farm, a short walk from the centre of town stretches out for 270 acres up the rolling hillsides, adjoined by lanes and roads amongst the busy community.


Rodney currently milks a healthy herd of 100 British and Holstein Freshians, the cross allowing him to get more height in the herd, and although not typical of the standard Freshain, Rodney desired a more robust animal to help minimise the overall health problems experienced in purebred beasts. Mainly as his herd do a lot of walking on the roads which interlink the farm and so need a strong frame.

The standard management of his herd is very good and the family work closely with Herd Health to continually put effort into proactive practices that maximize condition and maintain a happy herd, mastitis particularly is kept overall very low by not letting anything slip.


As the majority of replacements come from within the herd the larger height and frame does bring some drawbacks, and when calving Rodney sees that some take a little longer and the calves themselves can be a little low to suckle. To get over this Rodney makes sure he is on hand to tackle any late sucklers, having Fresh Start Calf colostrum ready every time gives him the confidence in supplying the early energy and enriched colostrum during, “the golden hour,” to help support natural immune development and reduce the risk of problems later. The energy boost encouraging further feeding, to allow for further suckling to obtain the vital amount of natural colostrum within the first 24 hours of life. Having had past experience with scours, Rodney uses this technique to be sure he is doing all he can.

The extra effort is making a difference, achieving A band in terms of quality and high percentage of butter cream allows for a reasonable price per litre, taking comfort in that by not compromising on care he is squeezing that little bit more from a difficult market. Rodney purchases his Fresh Start Calf colostrum from his local Downland retailer Perkins Animal Health and Nutrition.

Rodney says, “Bag feeding Fresh Start Colostrum in the golden hour complements natural maternal colostrum, helping encourage further suckling and providing important nutrients to my calves.”

Fresh Start Calf Colostrum is available from your local Downland retailer

26th September 2016