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Extra energy for extra lambing success

It is well known that 70% of foetal growth occurs during late pregnancy, however a practical feeding system that fails to meet energy requirements and prevent excessive weight loss during late pregnancy, particularly for those carrying twins and triplets, can have dangerous repercussions for both the ewe and lamb.

Adequate ewe nutrition plays a significant role in helping to improve both ewe and lamb survival, with the final six weeks of pregnancy presenting one of the most nutritionally challenging periods of the sheep production cycle.

Not only can undernourishment during this critical period result in the production of small weak lambs, high mortality rates and low colostrum and milk
supply, but it also predisposes ewes to twin lamb disease, with most cases often proving fatal. A ‘little and often’ feeding regime can prove effective in helping to prevent under nutrition at a time when energy demands are high and the rumen has limited capacity for bulky forages as unborn lamb size increases towards the point of lambing.

Supplementing pre-lambing rations with an extra high energy lick at grass or housing, such as Opti-lix High Energy which contains 16 MJ ME/kg DM, can act as a valuable nutritional tool during late pregnancy where the risk of twin lamb disease is at it’s highest; providing approximately 10% of the ewe’s daily energy requirement. The controlled consistent intakes of the low moisture, high sugar (35%) lick also help to support forage digestion and intakes during this critical period.

Opti-lix High Energy also contains 12% crude protein, important for lamb growth and colostrum quality and yield, plus minerals and vitamins, including vital selenium and vitamin E to support ewe health and lamb vitality during this nutritionally stressful period.

19th December 2018

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