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Ensure Ewes are in Tip Top Condition at Tupping Time

Tupping time marks the start of the farming year all over again, and provides the foundation for a potential profitable lamb crop five months down the line.

It is well known that ewe body condition score influences ovulation rate, which therefore has a significant impact on fertility and overall breeding success. The current recommended optimal condition score for hill and lowland ewes is 3.0 and 3.5 respectively, which should be maintained in the first 5 to 6 weeks after

Maintaining ewe condition after tupping will help them hold to service first time round, which will also help tighten the lambing period which can be music to many farmers’ ears. Not only can this result in a more uniform lamb crop, but it also helps lower disease risk and aids management actions.

The poorer quality grazing typically available at tupping time, means offering an energy dense supplement such as Opti-Lix High Energy is particularly important to help support ewe condition and overall breeding success. The extra high 35% sugar content in Opti-Lix High Energy also provides the rumen bugs with a source of fermentable energy which helps support microbial growth for optimal forage utilisation and dry matter intakes. The hard and sweet nature of the low moisture lick, also gives excellent intake control.

  • 16 ME to help support ewe condition and fertility.
  • 35% sugar to help support better forage digestibility .
  • Low moisture lick for excellent intake control.
  • Complete range of minerals and vitamins, including selenium, cobalt, and iodine to help balance potential deficiencies in grazed grass.
  • Protected zinc to help support hoof health for optimal mating ability.
  • Selenised yeast to help support pregnancy rates.
  • Offer from 2 weeks pre-tupping for 8 weeks.
  • Available in 20kg buckets and 80kg tubs.

9th October 2017

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