Downland Calf Scour Range

Calf Scour is a frustratingly common disease experienced on the majority of cattle farms in the UK. The modern dairy farmer and beef suckler producer simply can’t afford the youngstock losses and growth setbacks caused by calf scour. Therefore, it is vital every
practical step is taken to give calves the best start in life and minimizing the potential impact of scour. Viruses and bacteria are major causes of infectious calf scours. The single biggest cause is rotavirus, but other viruses such as coronavirus, cryptosporidia
(a protozoan organism) and the bacteria E.coli K99 also cause problems. A number of these pathogens – particularly rotavirus and cryptosporidia – are present on most farms and often all they require is a trigger factor (eg. stress) to cause disease.

Fresh Start Improve – For optimum performance

Improve 2kg

What is Fresh Start Improve?
Improve is a unique combination of natural ingredients specially formulated to maximise calf growth, immune response and gut health.
Improve is a powder which is added to milk (fresh or replacer).

What Does Fresh Start Improve Do?
It maintains good gut health by reducing scour, thus improving calf growth.
By providing a unique source of antioxidants, Improve supports the whole immune system. Improve also supplies functional proteins directly to the gut wall, helping it to
develop fully to maximise calf growth and contains a unique source of DHA omega-3 essential for calf development.

Fresh Start Scourlyte – For acutely scouring calves

Unit Shot

Scourlyte is a revolutionary new product to help fight scour in calves, lambs and foals.
With it’s extremely fast acting formulation one administration is usually enough to stop
the scours in their tracks and start the calf on the road to recovery.

Fresh Start Scourlyte is not just another electrolyte. The unique astringent (binding up) qualities of Scourlyte means that, unlike many other oral diarrhoea sachets, scours are rapidly halted. Scourlyte also aids rehydration, corrects metabolic acidosis, and provides full nutritional support. Scourlyte is a complete aid to combat the symptoms of scour in one convenient sachet.

Fresh Start Recover – For the simple rehydration of calves

Product Front

What is Fresh Start Improve?

A dietetic complementary supplement for the stabilisation of water and electrolyte balance to support the physiological digestion. For oral use, to reverse the process of dehydration and electrolyte loss associated with scours in calves and pigs whether due to nutritional, bacterial or viral causes.
Recover is also indicated as an aid in recovery from pregnancy toxaemia and reversal of hypoglycaemia in sheep. Recover is available in liquid or powder form.

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1st April 2016